The year is 2199, and for over a hundred years, a massive superstructure floating in the middle of the Pacific is home to both 50,000,000 people and the world’s finest technology. This was the city of Paradigm. Amidst a world in chaos, Paradigm stands as the eye of storm, unperturbed by the conflict around her.

You are SERAPH, an autonomous peacekeeping force with authority above the police, and are sent where the hand of the law cannot go. In the face of foreign pressure and an augmented society, you are equipped to end every and all disputes in Paradigm City.


Shadowrun 5th Edition
25 karma buy

House Rules:
For the intents and purposes of modifying the game mechanics to suit the game world, some changes have been made.

- All races are now considered human, with Metatype describing your character’s physique instead. This does not restrict anything mechanics-wise. (i.e. Orks are just brawny humans and Elves are lithe, delicate people)
- Any custom character options can be requested to the GM. Just describe your desired ability or equipment, and the GM will work something out.

Paradigm Shift

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