Paradigm Shift

Prelude: SCANDAL

In the city of Paradigm, opportunity presents itself to all who search for it. However, some deals are not as benign as they seem…

An offer you can’t refuse. Raphael of Gunray Solutions proposes a mufti-million dollar contract for the discreet production of a new weapon. As a private company, C&Q Incorporated could not resist the temptation of money.

An offer you can’t refuse. Unknowingly, they had signed a deal to make weapons for a smuggling ring of the radical group Evening Primrose, and with it, a visit from SERAPH’s own Commissioner Radec. He gave the company two choices, be arrested for their involvement in the illegal production of weapons, or aid SERAPH in their investigation.

Tracking the target back to a port warehouse, the team infiltrates the building physically and digitally, bypassing security in the structure. Reinforcements were not coming, so it was every man to prove their own innocence and worth. After a brief run-in with the guards, SERAPH reinforcements appeared waiting at the end of the dock, where they gunned down the guards, ending the fighting in an instant.

Commissioner Radec congratulates the team on their success, but tells them that this does not clear the of their crime. Radec was here to take them in, one way or another; join SERAPH, or be arrested by them.

An offer you can’t refuse.

Mission Payout: 9,000 nuyen
Karma Earned: 5 Karma
Science Bonus: +2,000 nuyen, Annihilator tech

Annihilator System MK I (Heavy Pistol)
Acc 5(7)
Damage 7P
AP -1
Mode SA
Rc Nil
Ammo ∞
Avail 16F
Cost 5,000 nuyen
Special: Can fire through transparent mediums (e.g. glass, clear water) unhindered. Built in smartgun system.
Description: Breaking new grounds in lethal personal energy weapons, the Annihilator System MK I is the first compact laser weapon in the world to fit a pistol’s frame. Its ease of carriage and virtually unlimited ammo makes it a very appealing choice if not for its (i)legality.



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