Paradox Dogma

Also known as the Seven, Paradox Dogma is the only known organization that deals with magic in any form. In fact, the extent of Paradigm City’s magical expertise lies with Paradox Dogma’s seven members, who are all mages in their own right.

Because Paradigm City does not recognize magic as scientific (and therefore unusable), Paradox Dogma is not an officially recognized organization. However, the Seven have influence amongst the other organizations of the City whenever magic is involved. They act as the wardens of magic in Paradigm City, keeping its power and use in check.

Although the identity of the members are not well known, three at least have visibility in the public.

Known Members:

Steiner – De facto leader of the Seven. If Paradigm City has any inquires into the arcane, Steiner is the first person to ask. While quite aloof, his nature masks one of the most powerful individuals in Paradigm. None know his full name, and simply call him Steiner.

Tenpenny Tiffany – A powerful Technomancer. A dangerous combination of electronic talent and the ability to interface with systems with her mind alone make her an effective hacker. Has a small following called the Witch’s Tea Party.

Paradox Dogma

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