Paradigm City

Paradigm City, the city of the future in 2219. A place of great technological advances and unprecedented innovation. Floating in the center of the Pacific Ocean, the City stands as the epicenter for technology in the world.

Paradigm is an independent nation, free from the mother countries which created it. It practices isolationism and actively denies contact from the world, although this is slowly changing. Although some form of government is in place, they are never seen and could only be felt through the electronic administrative system called NOIRE, through which the City is run remotely.

Technology is rampant in Paradigm. From the day-to-day nuances to the entire city’s infrastructure, the hand of innovation can be felt everywhere. Augmentation is widely accepted in the city, and seen as positive but not necessary. An AR layer permeates every part of Paradigm, allowing for ease of access and navigation throughout the city. Traffic is handled automatically, requiring minimal manual control from the drive.

The entire city is guided by NOIRE, from mass-transit controls to personal assistance. One need only call out for NOIRE, and it will come to the aid of the user. It acts as an AI advisor of sorts, giving its users the best possible advice to the inquires made to the best of its abilities.

Due to the great amount of technology about Paradigm City, and the resultant flow of information, the citizens are generally tolerant of new concepts like cybernetics and transhumanism. Because of how they are policed, citizens generally prefer compromise over force, and just go with the flow of things. With their reliance on technology, citizens may sometimes feel distant as any action they do is preceded by inquiring NOIRE.

Life on Paradigm is almost like an utopia; accommodations are available to all, and the need to live frugally is non-existent as all your needs are provided for you by the City. However, the City encourages personal growth through citizen rankings, given after mandatory education and an aptitude test. Paradigm assigns to its citizens job openings depending on how well one does, and depending on the job, citizen rankings are awarded. Citizen rankings remain throughout a person’s life, and generally tie them to their assigned roles.

However, Paradigm has its fair share of problems. Class division is a large issue, with people dissatisfied with the largely static citizen rankings awarded to them. Radicals demanding change has emerged as a result, but currently bear little consequence to the city. The larger problem now is foreign pressure, as Paradigm has recently opened talks with the land nations and have even allowed some to form embassies within Paradigm City.

History of Paradigm

The future is in constant flux. One hundred years ago, in 2119, the world was at its breaking point on overpopulation, and in response created massive maritime cities to deport the excess population to the sea. These cities contained undesirables and those who could not afford to live on land, and each country sent them off to fend for themselves in the Pacific. The collective cities joined together to form the Paradigm City of today.

At the same time, the world was struck with an economic bomb, depleting the world of 70% of its wealth. With a vast majority of the world’s money stolen, currencies fell apart and a reliable market was no longer feasible. With every country scrambling to reconstruct its economy, the people on land experienced a long period of decline, resulting in the catastrophic collapse of civilization.

While Paradigm was mostly self-sufficient, immediate concerns sprang up. Without proper trade, Paradigm could not secure a reliable food source for its then fifty million residents. Raw materials for its industrial sector was also hard to come by from the sea alone, and most of all, funding from each city’s parent country was effectively cut. In the face of adversity, Paradigm no longer had anyone to turn to.

Instead, Paradigm rallied under the banner of Paradigm City, isolated itself from its mother nations, and turned to itself for solutions. With the last of its resources, Paradigm used its industrial assets to form an underground mining operation as well as build an agricultural layer beneath every city. With the effort of Paradigm’s forefathers, the City was safe for yet another fifty years.

However, as Paradigm grew, a whole slew of new problems occurred. The very problem Paradigm set out to solve began to haunt itself: overpopulation. It was clear the limited space of the cities were insufficient to facilitate Paradigm City’s growth. At the same time, the City’s power plants were nearing the end of their half-life. Without a new source of fuel, Paradigm was doomed to remain stagnant in the waters of the Pacific.

Paradigm City

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